About myself and the soaps that I sale. 

My name is Shala and I love Amazing scents. I decided to start makind soap because of the way store bought soaps make my skin feel. My skin would sometimes break out from certain store bought soaps. I started my research on handmade natural soaps on Pinterest. I seen so many ways to make soaps and ways to package soaps. I followed a lot of soap making blog sites, YouTubers and google.

I thought to myself, I can do that and I can save my family some money as well. 

First batch I made, I was super excited. I showed my daughter how to make soap and the different essentials oils that smell great together. My daughters are so helpful and they want to come up with theirs own soaps to sale as well. 

I love making soap because it’s a stress reliever and I get to smell the amazing scents. I take my time when making my soaps. I take pride in them because I am striving to make my customers skin feel great and look great.

Go to my website and see all of the great soaps that we have to offer. 


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