First blog post

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As I research more and more about soap and how to make it. I for some reason think that my soaps need more lather. After researching I have came up with what I need to do to have a better lather in all of my bars.

Research says that oils, sugar and milks help with lather.

I guess in my head I think that the more lather the cleaner your body will be. Maybe that is a myth or maybe a mind thing.

I learn more and more about making soap through my trial and error. I found a regiment that works for me. Reading blogs, pins on Pinterest and taking a survey on my soap helps with my research as well as helps me get the perfect bar.

Me learning how to perfect my craft will not stop! I love it!!

Launch Day Was Amazing

So here I am nervous about my launch day and the people loved it!! I was worried about no one liking my website or soaps!! But yes I was all the way wrong! My phone was really going off from all of the alerts that people were visiting the website. They showed so much love to me!! I received two orders! Not 1 but 2!! I am so excited!! Gives me more motivation to take this thang to the top!

Can you tell how excited I am because of all of the exclamation point? I am here to serve my customers and give them what they need and that more amazing soaps. I can not wait until I launch my new product.

Now that is going to be more exciting. Big ups to my first two customer! Just for showing love, your packages will contain a little something extra.

Official Launch

Today I am excited to say that I announced my soap business on social media! Yay! I still feel that I have a long way to go when it comes to leaning the website. I am somewhat nervous and I do not know what to except. I want my customers to love my products and always come back to me for their soap needs.

It will all come together!

Learning the Ropes

Today I decided to talk about my experience in the soap business and all of the back office work. I learned that you have to pace yourself and not get too overwhelmed. Still learning about how to design my website, learning how to link and set up my PayPal to the website and will my website attract my customers.

Sometimes I dream about different scents, shapes and the look of a soap bar. I really take skin care serious because of sensitive skin. If your skin doesn’t feel good then sometimes you don’t feel good. My children have eczema and it is painful. Depending on what time of soap you are using will depend upon the eczema going going away or feeling better.

Taking pride in my work and making sure that I stay up on my research is key to me. I am never afraid to learn!

About myself and the soaps that I sale. 

My name is Shala and I love Amazing scents. I decided to start makind soap because of the way store bought soaps make my skin feel. My skin would sometimes break out from certain store bought soaps. I started my research on handmade natural soaps on Pinterest. I seen so many ways to make soaps and ways to package soaps. I followed a lot of soap making blog sites, YouTubers and google.

I thought to myself, I can do that and I can save my family some money as well. 

First batch I made, I was super excited. I showed my daughter how to make soap and the different essentials oils that smell great together. My daughters are so helpful and they want to come up with theirs own soaps to sale as well. 

I love making soap because it’s a stress reliever and I get to smell the amazing scents. I take my time when making my soaps. I take pride in them because I am striving to make my customers skin feel great and look great.

Go to my website and see all of the great soaps that we have to offer.

Brainstorming on making my next epic soap!

Sometimes I sit and just think about what soap I should make next. I’m always thinking of something epic! I love the embedding soap idea and I love playing with the different essential oil smells. I love Pinterest and the ideas that I can play with and take different ideas and come up with my own spin of soaps. 

Hmmmm. What should I come up with next? I know…… something that the mommy’s would love and something for the men. 

I know that I need to come up with more sample bag ideas. Men need a sample bag. So yes I will have to play on those ideas. 

Why was I nervous about making natural soap?

I just started a natural soap making business. I must say that my first batch of soap came out better than I thought. I mean the soap needed some work in my  opinion, but others thought different. I gave out samples of the first two soaps that I made. I asked for their feedback. The feed back that I got was amazing and I had to pat myself on the back for making some great soap.

It is always trial and error when making soap and I learned that every piece of soap that you cut is going to be unique and not the same. That is what makes your natural soap your own.

Being nervous about making anything for the first time is normal. I am so happy that I wanted to start my own soap business. Making soap is therapeutic and relaxing because of the wonderful aromatherapy that comes from the essential oils. I turn on me some great tunes and before you know it, I  have made some magic.